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Estonian unicorn Bolt launches new-gen scooter to boost global micromobility

Estonian mobility unicorn Bolt rolls out its next-gen scooter, blending cutting-edge technology with the elegance of Estonian design and promising a ride like no other.

Bolt, an Estonian mobility unicorn, has unveiled its latest product – the Bolt 6 scooter. Designed in Estonia with a strong emphasis on safety, sustainability, and user experience, it aims to set new standards in urban transportation. The initial rollout of the Bolt 6 will cover Lisbon, Riga, and Tallinn, offering safer, smarter, and more sustainable transportation options to residents and visitors alike.

Being safe and riding smart

The Bolt 6 scooter incorporates numerous sensors and microprocessors, enabling it to identify tandem riding, skidding, and abrupt braking, as well as detect collisions in real time.

It is fully compatible with the Bolt SafeRide System, ensuring the safety of both riders and pedestrians. The scooter also utilizes the Advanced Micromobility Intelligence System (AMIS) with enhanced IoT capabilities, which enhances rider security, pedestrian safety, and data protection. Additionally, the Bolt 6 generates warnings and schedules maintenance automatically, ensuring optimal technical conditions for all scooters.

Addressing parking challenges associated with scooters and e-bikes, Bolt has equipped the Bolt 6 with the Smart Parking 360 solutions package. This includes an AI parking system that verifies scooter parking through real-time photo verification. The scooter’s sensors also detect tilting beyond 15%, prompting riders to safely repark to prevent falls and obstructions on city streets.

In Estonia, a global test bed for innovative micromobility solutions, scooters are allowed to ride on the sidewalks, but there are numerous measures introduced to make the experience safe for both riders and pedestrians.


Sustainability and comfort, backed by Estonian engineering

Bolt aims to be an industry leader in sustainability, and the Bolt 6 reflects this commitment. The scooter is powered by a 1.1 kWh high-range battery designed to withstand vandalism and provides an impressive range of up to 90 km on a single charge. This longer battery life reduces the need for frequent battery replacements and transportation to warehouses, thereby lowering the company’s carbon footprint.

To ensure longevity, Bolt conducted rigorous fatigue tests, expecting the scooter to last up to 8 years. The scooter’s easily replaceable parts facilitate simple repairs and maintenance, ensuring a smooth operation throughout its lifespan. Furthermore, the IP67-rated electronic components offer robust protection against water and dust.


Designed for a comfortable and seamless riding experience, the Bolt 6 boasts a wider floorboard, a larger 12” front wheel, front suspension, and an ergonomic curved handlebar. Placing the battery under the floorboard contributes to a lower centre of gravity, enhancing stability and weight distribution for riders.

A notable aspect of the Bolt 6 is its in-house development and production, highlighting Estonian engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Unlike competitors, Bolt has full control over the scooter’s firmware and hardware, enabling smooth rollouts of updates and features without relying on third-party suppliers. This approach also allows for stricter quality control and adherence to higher safety standards. “Owning the whole scooter development and production process also means stricter quality control and higher safety standards”, says Dmitri Pivovarov, VP of Rentals at Bolt.

Estonia, with its educated workforce and unmatched ease of doing business, offers an exceptional test bed for hardware and software innovations that are set to transform our transportation.

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