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Estonia’s factory of the year Ensto Building Systems loves experimenting

Ensto, which has been operating in Estonia for 30 years, loves experimenting in order to create smart electrical devices for the world. And Estonia, a highly developed tech country, is offering just the right open business culture for this. Recently, Ensto Building Systems’ plant in Keila was named Estonia’s factory of the year.

The Ensto Building Systems factory in Keila, which produces smart electrical solutions and equipment, having just doubled its manufacturing space and increased production by 50% last year, was named Estonia’s factory of the year 2022, announces business daily Äripäev.

Long history and high ambitions

Ensto’s plants have been operating in Estonia for 30 years, already. However, the relatively long history of success has not led them to a comfort zone. Innovation and automating production continue in full swing.

“We are not looking for constant stability in our work, we want to experiment and find new and more efficient solutions,” Nadežda Dementjeva, the Ensto Building Systems plant manager, explains why Ensto Building Systems decided to bring its plants to Estonia.

“Estonia is already well-known in the tech world, our business and work culture is highly valued because we are flexible, adapt quickly and have the will to solve problems,” she points out some of Estonia’s strengths for the electronics industry.

Ensto Building Systems plant manager Nadežda Dementjeva

In 2020, the Ensto Group cooperated with Enterprise Estonia to increase the level of automation at its Keila plant. The digital audit carried out within the project provided a good overview of the real potential of the company’s digitalisation. This was followed by joint projects to implement paperless production and increase the level of automation at the Keila plant.

“It is a pure joy to work with companies that are open to change and growth,” says Anneli Hansen, Invest Estonia’s Director of Regional Business Development in North Estonia. “Ensto Building Systems is definitely one of such rocketing companies in the industrial sector. Their solutions and components are not made for headlines, they are made to make our lives more comfortable and sustainable. And they are very good at this!”

As a winner of Estonia’s factory of the year title, the Ensto Building Systems’ Keila plant remains true to its ambitions. It is focused on growing and strengthening the company’s competitiveness. Ensto Building Systems is constantly increasing the efficiency of the plant’s supply chain, improving production management, and creating synergies between plants.

Expanded factory in Keila

In February 2022, Ensto Building Systems opened its expanded factory in Keila with a total production area of 8,200 square meters, employing 220 employees.

According to Nadežda Dementjeva, the investment in the expansion of the Keila plant is a part of the strategy that will focus on the company’s growth and strengthen its competitiveness.

Two sets of strengths, two companies

Over the years, Ensto has developed into a successful company in both smart electrical solutions and electrical distribution systems. So, it was recently time to focus on developing the areas separately, Dementjeva says. Ensto Building Systems started operating in the field of smart electrical solutions and Ensto Ensek in the field of electrical distribution systems. At the end of 2021, Legrand, a global provider of electrical and digital infrastructure, acquired Ensto Building Systems companies, including the Keila factory. Although the two companies in Keila now operate as parts of different groups, they remain united by the strong brand of Ensto.

Smart electrical solutions

Ensto Building Systems is producing charging stations for electric cars, electric vehicle chargers, frost protection and heating systems, enclosures, luminaires and various components for the industrial sector.

92% of the company’s production is exported. The exports go to 150 countries around the world, mainly the Nordic countries, Italy, England, Germany and Poland. Ensto Building Systems’ customers are both retailers and wholesalers, mainly electric vehicle infrastructure network companies and electrical solutions providers for buildings.

The first-ever competition for Estonia’s factory of the year was organised by Äripäev and industry news portal Tööstusuudised to highlight the importance of the industrial sector for Estonia.

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