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How Estonian startup Visory is using AI to turn cameras into sensors

Visory is an Estonian startup that is helping computers understand what lies in a picture or a video: from cars and garbage to traffic flow, from how social distancing rules are being followed to possible crimes on security videos. It is like Google for pictures and videos, knowing everything about what is on and in them.

According to Fortune Business Insights, global artificial intelligence market size will reach €200+ billion by 2026, having been only around 30 billion in 2018.

This is where Estonian startup Visory is stepping in. Visory is a SAAS platform that allows you to accurately predict what lives within your images and videos, using computer vision AI. The technology is designed to create value to cities and technology companies working on urban environments.

Visory has recently completed the prestigious Dubai Future Foundation Accelerator in the United Arab Emirates, where they were selected from more than 600 applicants, and have raised € 250,000 of funding from Superangel.

“Visory has created a unique machine vision and urban analytics platform that provides cities and businesses with information and data on how to improve the quality of life in the urban environment, the user experience and save nature,” Veljo Otsason, Partner at Superangel has said.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 is still spreading rapidly. While some countries are working on their exit strategies and are easing limits on moving and physical contact, others are not yet fortunate enough to do so. In countries exiting from emergency situations, it is still vital to follow restrictions imposed by the government and to check that rules are being followed. If there are social distancing rules in place, you cannot make sure that rules are being followed, using just existing security cameras, can you?

Visory’s custom built AI vision system is specifically trained to predict the behaviours within urban technology environments. It helps to monitor maintaining social distance, hygiene behaviour and is thus one of the possible data sources for monitoring public health behaviour. Everybody knows from that one picture can say more than a thousand words – but Visory will multiply the ’thousand’ by many times more.

Visory was one of the startups presented at the Estonian Investment Agency’s first ever Online Startup Demo Day, an event presenting pitches by some of Estonia’s most fantastic startups currently looking for investment.

Known for its strong digital capabilities, e-Residency, and excellent environment for growing startups, Estonia is offering innovative solutions in many areas, including AI.

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