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Risk capital

Estonia has a two-decade track record of successful innovations and investments thanks to its smart people and a unique environment that enables the accelerated development and commercialisation of IP.

  • #1 in Europe for Entrepreneurial Employee Activity and Competitiveness
  • #4 in science education globally
  • 5 accelerators developing hardware and software
  • 6 competence centres providing applied R&D, design and testing

Our advantages

#1in Europe for Entrepreneurial Employee Activity and Competitiveness
SkillsSmart people with entrepreneurial spirit and determination.
IT R&DWorld class IT skills across a range of disciplines and sectors.
EcosystemStartup ecosystem creates pipeline and accelerates best opportunities to global scale.
icon-statsInvestor friendly mentality and business environment.
icon-growthTrack record of successful IP development, commercialisation and exit.


#1in Europe for startups per capita

Estonia has a two-decade track record of successful innovations and investments which have delivered outstanding returns for founders, VC/PE and Corporate investors.

Estonia’s journey began in the 1990’s when Estonian engineers developed and scaled Skype using ingenuity and determination. The subsequent exit of Skype provided invaluable experience, capital and policy stimulus to create one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Numerous Estonian early stage companies including TransferWise, Skeleton Technologies, Adcash and Pipedrive have secured venture capital and private equity from global investors. Corporate venturing such as Daimler AG’s investment in Starship Technologies and Didi Chuxing’s and Daimler AG‘s in Bolt (ex Taxify) also grows. Exits including Planet OS, Zeroturnaround, GrabCAD and Teleport provide proof of concept.

What drives Estonia’s success? Smart people with world-class IT skills and Europe’s best entrepreneurial and competitive performance. A pro-business environment with digital infrastructure ideal for innovation and testing. Our compact domestic market makes us open to global ideas, growth and investment.

Further success can be expected thanks to a strong pipeline of growth companies; high innovation in areas such as IT, industry, consumer, agriculture, financial services and active government support.

From Seed to Series E, across a range of sectors and deal sizes, Estonia offers investment opportunities supported by a trustworthy environment and solid track record.

Risk capital

These websites can be useful when interested in Risk capital investments in Estonia:

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Need more information?

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