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Past event: Virtual Trade Mission to Estonia for North America 

Beginning on October 27th, 2020, the International Trade Council in cooperation with Enterprise Estonia are organizing a special four-day Virtual Trade Mission to Estonia. This first-of-its-kind virtual mission will introduce Estonia and its business environment, along with some of the country’s leading companies and startups, helping to build new connections with American and Canadian enterprises, small and medium businesses, and investors.

“The International Trade Council is very pleased to be cooperating with Enterprise Estonia, The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and both the New York and San Francisco Consulates General of Estonia on this trade mission. What was first planned as an in-person event in May is now happening virtually, and opens the event up to a significantly larger audience which is great for our members, Estonia, and all who will be participating from North America and elsewhere.” said Tristan Evans, Director of Government Affairs for the International Trade Council.

The Trade Mission will be presented across four days, with each highlighting and focusing on a different sector of the Estonian business environment. “Participants in this virtual trade mission will have the opportunity to learn about doing business with Estonia, explore the market, gain exposure to the business culture, meet with potential partners, source new products and services, and find untapped investment opportunities”, notes Maris Prii, Director of Business Development and FDI in Silicon Valley for the Estonian Investment Agency.

The programme will delve into the Estonian business environment and the nation’s robust IT sector on the first day of the mission, on Tuesday, October 27th. On the mission’s second day, Wednesday, October 28th, virtual delegates will be treated to an overview of Estonia’s delectable food sector, owing its quality of products to the country’s pristine nature and strong environmental protections. The third day of the event, Thursday, October 29th will explore the robust BioTech and HealthTech areas of the Estonian economy. And the final day of the Trade Mission, Friday, October 30th, will present some of the leading innovations the country has to offer across the areas of IoT, Manufacturing, Construction, and Robotics.

Speakers and participating Estonian companies will span a wide range of solutions and sectors, from KYC and digital fraud protection, computer vision and other AI solutions, global IT sourcing solutions, telehealth and virtual medicine, laboratory consumables, protein and antigen development (including a company that recently filed for a US Patent on a new coronavirus therapeutic), robotic solutions for last mile delivery retail as well as hazardous environment management, portable and eco-friendly housing solutions, as well as snacks, organic savory foods, craft beer and spirits, and so much more.

“Delegates joining the trade mission will be able to instantly tap into and connect with so many of the innovative companies and talented entrepreneurs that Estonia has to offer, during the course of this four day mission. They can expect to find new ideas, new products, new partners, and new investment opportunities that will help drive profitability and market appeal for their own businesses operating in the States, and beyond,” adds James S. York, the Director of US Business & Innovation for Enterprise Estonia, who is normally based in New York.

Watch the recordings of the live missions here:

Virtual Trade Mission to Estonia: IT & Estonian business environment

Virtual Trade Mission to Estonia: Food & FoodTech

Virtual Trade Mission to Estonia: HealthTech & BioTech

Virtual Trade Mission to Estonia: IoT, Electronics & Manufacturing

The Virtual Trade Mission will be broadcast live via the ImpromptMe networking platform. Registration and attendance is free, and more information can be found at the event’s website:

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Need more information?

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