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Planet OS partners up with German energy giant RWE

RWE and Planet OS signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement to build big data infrastructure for geospatial IoT. The first joint project of two companies is a next generation dashboard for RWE’s Gwynt Y Mor wind farm in Wales.

“As energy production is becoming increasingly decentralized and more of it will come from renewable sources, we need to start paying close attention to unpredictable weather patterns and other external risk factors the world is facing today,” said Mr. Peter Terium, Chief Executive of RWE Group during a visit to its Californian daughter company. “Working with data technology developed by Planet OS can help us to monitor and analyze geospatial sensor data in one system, improving operational efficiency, safety and production output. This is an important step for RWE on its way to become one of the leading data-driven and technology-driven utilities in Europe,” he continued.

Planet OS is a big data infrastructure company for geospatial IoT, solving the most difficult data discovery, data access, and decision support problems for the energy industries and government agencies. “Their technology is remarkable. Planet OS has created a suite of powerful cloud-based solutions, designed for Earth observation and industrial sensor networks, which allows us to securely integrate open and commercial environmental data with our proprietary data,” said Hans-Martin Hellebrand, Manager at RWE New Ventures LLC based in Silicon Valley.

“We’re honoured to partner up with RWE and confident of a very successful long-term cooperation. Our first joint project is a unified dashboard for Gwynt Y Mor wind farm in Wales, which is the second largest offshore windfarm in the world,” said Rainer Sternfeld, Founder and CEO of Planet OS. Energy companies that keep their data feed separate, are not only missing out on opportunities for growth, but also putting their businesses under a tremendous risk. Planet OS provides the common language that specialists and executives need to increase profitability of operations, mitigate environmental risks and plan new business opportunities. “Luckily, farsighted and ambitious companies like RWE understand that data is the new commodity,” added Sternfeld.

The partnership agreement was signed between Californian foothold of one of the leading European utilities RWE Group, RWE New Ventures LLC, and Planet OS Inc., Silicon Valley big data company with roots in Estonia. This fall Planet OS was selected as one of the breakthrough solutions helping to achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations. The broader vision and goal of Planet OS is to index the real world by becoming the search engine for Earth data.

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