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PM Ratas: A digital economy means convenience and growth

At the international conference on e-Governance held in Tallinn, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas emphasised the importance of e-solutions to Estonian society, and signed an international memorandum on the better sharing of experience relating to the e-state.

“Developing a digital society and e-state will pay off in any case, because the investments made will return quickly through economic growth and effectiveness,” Ratas said. He added that the e-solutions being used in Estonia enable the government to provide convenient, rapid, and effective services to people and businesses.

“Digital signatures, mobile payments, e-taxes, e-police and e-solutions in healthcare are not just a dream anymore; they are in use in Estonia,” the Prime Minister said.

Ratas recalled that on 1 July, Estonia would start its six-month Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and one of the priorities of Estonian Presidency was a digital Europe and the free flow of data.

The e-Governance Conference, which was held in Tallinn on 30–31 May, brought the representatives of 115 countries to Estonia to share knowledge on e-Governance solutions.

Today, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas signed a memorandum with the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP). The memorandum will enable Estonia to share and introduce e-solutions to the countries of Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific through the consultancy organisation and think tank e-Governance Academy. The ACP Group has 79 member states.

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