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Self-driving buses to become a natural part of Tallinn’s transportation system this summer

Today, Iseauto's first self-driving bus arrived at Ülemiste City business district in Tallinn, where it will be tested with the aim to make self-driving vehicles a natural part of Tallinn's public transportation network. The self-driving buses will start operating from June 15th.

Compared to the previous tests of autonomously controlled vehicles, a step forward has been taken, and a comprehensive environment been created in the Ülemiste district where self-driving buses of Iseauto will be using dedicated smart bus stops and will participate in the district’s usual traffic.

The new self-driving bus will connect Tallinn Airport with Ülemiste business district, an airport hotel and a shopping center. It also offers the people working in the business district a convenient way to move around the area. In the long run, the aim is to make public transport more user-friendly and smoother by encouraging employees in the area not to use private cars.

Iseauto’s self-driving bus passed the roadworthiness test

Iseauto, built by Auve Tech, recently passed the technical inspection of the Road Administration, where the usual compliance check was performed just as it would be for any other vehicle. In addition to a conventional technical check, a special test was carried out to determine how a vehicle without a steering wheel and without pedals can be driven smoothly, both in manual and autonomous mode.

The self-driving bus project takes place in the framework of the international project Fabulos. During the project, the self-driving vehicles will be integrated into a single (fleet management) system, containing at least three vehicles. A manual control center for remote driving will be established to enable trained operators to take over the driving if necessary.

Iseauto is Auve Tech’s first vehicle that has grown out of the company’s cooperation with Tallinn Technical University, started in 2017. Iseauto has been tested at the TalTech campus and at Tallinn Zoo, where it will also start public rides for the visitors soon.

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