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Spring 2022 issue of Life in Estonia highlights the Estonian FinTech sector

The newest issue of Life in Estonia magazine is telling the stories of how the entrepreneurial mentality, creativity, and openness for alternative solutions have turned the FinTech sector into one of the defining industries in Estonia.

“The success of the Estonia’s FinTech sector can be attributed to a close cooperation over the past 30 years between the private sector, governmental bodies, incubators, as well as accelerators,” Lauri Lugna, the CEO of the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency writes in the editorial of the Spring 2022 issue of the Life in Estonia magazine. “The joint efforts have been the foundation of the country’s FinTech ecosystem that is known for being highly innovative, user-friendly, and reliable. Thanks to a favourable business environment, a strong IT infrastructure, and industry-specific know-how the sector is growing rapidly.”

+ The cover story focuses on Single.Earth, which is the world’s first financial platform for trading natural assets, introduces you an innovative startup that unites landowners, communities, and the private and public sectors for the purpose of nature conservation.

+ How is Estonia leading the way in financial innovation? The development of Estonian FinTech companies has been promoted by a strong FinTech ecosystem. FinanceEstonia has chosen the task of further improving this ecosystem in a strategic way.

+ Veriff is one of the Estonian FinTech unicorns. The CEO of Veriff, Kaarel Kotkas, says that the company is only at the starting line of the race as they can grow a thousandfold.

+ Today, only around 1-2% of money laundering is detected – it is a tiny drop in the ocean of about 4 trillion dollars of dirty money gained every year through organised crime, most of it laundered through banks. The Estonian RegTech startup Salv is taking on the task of tackling this problem.

+ You can also read about other exciting Estonian companies, such as Funderbeam, Change, Fairown Finance, Guardtime, EveryPay and Ready Player Me.

Read the newest issue of Life in Estonia Magazine here:


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Need more information?

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