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Starman launches an innovative 10G optical network

On Wednesday Starman launched in Estonia its next generation fiber-optic 10G network. Starman became the first operator in Europe to offer ultra-fast Internet based on 10G EPON technology in cooperation with Nokia.

A day before, a competitor of Starman, Telia Estonia, had showed its new optical network solution where speeds are up to 10 Gbps to the public for the first time in Estonia.

“Now we are ready to offer the next generation symmetric Internet connection with the speed of up to 10 Gbps based on the technology of Nokia, the world’s leading network solution provider,” says the Technology Director of Starman Jaanus Erlemann. “The new technology allows developing the network based on tomorrow’s needs of clients in the manner that is efficient for the operator while using an appropriate pricing model”.

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson who opened Europe’s first 10G fiber-optic network in Tallinn said that she is very glad that the Estonian society and local companies are among the most innovative in Europe: “While many European countries only set the minimum expected Internet speed at 30 Mbps, in Estonia it is absolutely common. We are prepared to take the next step and become the Europe’s first country to offer up to 10 Gbps speed to home users”.

According to Erlemann, the new network based on Nokia 10G EPON technology will meet the needs of private and business customers for the next 10-15 years.
“Our experience in renewal of the network and construction of the optical solution without doubt will become a valuable lesson and a trend-setter for other European markets and their cable operators,” says Erlemann.

“We commenced the development of the next generation network some 1.5 years ago, focusing primarily on private customers of Starman. Today we can say with confidence that our new 10G network is also the cornerstone for fast and exponential expansion of business customer services of Starman’s parent company Elisa, as well as for providing a suitable network for various 4G and 5G solutions,” notes the Technology Director of Starman.

According to Mark Klimek, the executive manager for cable access in Nokia, the launch of the new network is also a symbolic step for Nokia, since Estonia became the first country in Europe to introduce the network based on 10G EPON technology.

In Tallinn, the 10G EPON network was opened by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson and two-times X-Games winner and freestyle skier Kelly Sildaru on Wednesday. In developing the new network, Starman primarily focused on Tallinn and Tartu, as the cities with largest number of consumers. “In newly constructed homes we certainly will be providing the 10G network,” adds Erlemann.

The goal of Starman for the next five years is to provide 10G solutions to 40% of households in its network in Estonia and to 60% of households in its Tallinn network. “In developing the network, we follow the natural market situation and needs of customers,” adds the Technology Director of Starman.

At the same time Telia is rapidly developing its own fiber optic network. According to the head of Telia Estonia’s network and infrastructure development unit Tõnis Praakel, Telia’s new solutions are future-oriented and the company is being a pioneer in using new technologies. Also, the old technologies, such as ADSL are being replaced by more modern solutions. Telia will launch its own 10 Gbps fiber-optic network service by 2018.

At the end of May, Starman was awarded for its new optical network at the Global Telecom Business Awards in the category of network infrastructure innovation.

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