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Tallinn among CNN’s top 15 cities for craft beer. Several breweries searching for investment

CNN recently listed Tallinn among 15 of the best beer cities in the world. While the Estonian craft beer industry is growing, several breweries are looking for further investment.

The craft beer scene has taken over almost every inch of the globe, from Australia to Estonia and pretty much everywhere in between, CNN writes, recommending products by Põhjala brewery and places like bar Põrgu and bottle shop Taptap for a great beer experience in Tallinn.

Estonia’s brewers aiming at export

The local craft beer market in Estonia is growing by about 20 per cent per year, daily Postimees wrote in July. While small producers currently contribute to about 1.5 per cent (in volume; more in currency) of Estonia’s beer market, craft beer production is aiming more and more at export.

“Export is a part of our company’s DNA,” the head of Põhjala brewery Enn Parel told daily Postimees.

Last year, business daily Äripäev wrote that some of the larger craft beer producers such as Põhjala are making good results in the Asian markets while others such as Tanker aim at Sweden and Finland.

Companies looking to grow

There are about 45 companies active in the brewing business, while 5-6 biggest ones make up most of the market and keep growing at a steady pace. “Good beer is here to stay,” the head of Estonia’s small brewers’ union and member of the board of Tanker brewery Jaanis Tammela told Postimees.

It is worth noting that several of Estonia’s breweries are also looking for investment to expand and keep up with competition on the export markets. One example is the craft beer producer Õllenaut that already exports about 80 per cent of its produce, has started a campaign to raise investment with a campaign on Fundwise.

With an established export capability and growing application of food science and technology, Estonia is the ideal location for export and R&D oriented investment. You can read more about the opportunities that Estonia’s food industry with its ecological raw materials, skilled workers and modern production facilities has to offer here. If you wish to know more, use our unique e-Consulting service to get the information you need.

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