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Tallinn seduces with its fairytale Christmas Market and a perfect tech testbed

Recommended by Forbes, consider choosing Tallinn as your next destination to see the fairytale Christmas Market, and use it as a perfect testbed to bring tech innovation to life.

Tallinn Christmas Market, shining in the snow, surrounded by fabulous medieval houses covered with red stone roofs, has been named the Best Christmas Market in Europe, recommmended even by Forbes. With its festivities and stalls in the Old Town Square, it remains a top holiday pick for 2021 likewise.

However, the magical Christmas Market in Tallinn isn’t the only reason to consider Estonia as your next destination. Estonia is a highly valued testbed for tech innovation. Estonia with its innovation-minded people, permissive legal environment, digitally interoperable infrastructure, and stable economy is a playground for new and bold ideas that presents a perfect place to experiment with a relatively small capital cost. The compact size of the country makes it fast to secure decisions and bring products to market.

Futhermore, in terms of ease of doing business, Estonia, ranking the 18th in the world, is the place that sounds perfect for innovation. “Estonia was one of the first countries in the world that, already in 2016, legalized testing of self-driving vehicles on public roads. Since 2017, autonomous vehicles have been an integral part of the last-mile logistics,” said Joonas Vänto, Director of Estonian Investment Agency explaining why it is easy to do business in Estonia. “If we don’t have the legislation to bring innovation to life, we’ll create it.”

Tallinnovation – a small market can be an advantage

Yes, Estonia is a small market. But being small means that we are more agile, well connected and developments can happen faster. So, it is an excellent testbed for deep tech startups who are looking for ways to grow their product, and perhaps test it out – even within the Government. Tallinnovation is an international innovation brand of the City of Tallinn to support the introduction of smart city solutions and Tallinn also will be represented at EXPO. Tallinn’s presentation features an introduction of the various future city projects being planned and carried out in cooperation with research institutions and the private sector – for example, in the fields of mobility, urban environment development, education and digitalisation. These include the testing of self-driving buses, solar pavements, smart pedestrian crosswalks, sensors in the urban space, e-government systems, and so forth. Digital solutions based on a 3D city model, control panel and open data, as well as initiatives supporting the green revolution will also be introduced.

Launch smart with TESTinEST

Launching a new business idea or product in big European countries can come with big risks. But now, you can minimise those financial risks and maximise your confidence with TESTinEST. It’s an innovative new service that lets you test-launch a new digital or physical product/service in the small but digitally savvy market of Estonia, study customer feedback and fully optimise your product in the most cost-efficient way before you enter bigger markets. Smart, isn’t it?

“Estonia is undoubtedly the best market to test the viability of a new product. We’re the most digitally advanced nation in the world, our people are early adopters, eager to provide feedback and all business processes are super-fast and digitally driven! Our big advantage is our small size. We’re so tiny, that whatever happens during the test-launch phase like feedback, product versions, marketing campaigns, it all stays in Estonia without reaching customers in other markets!” explains Rait Minumets, co-founder of TESTinEST.

TESTinEST was launched by Optimist Group, Estonia’s most award-winning collective of business strategists, marketing experts and operations specialists who will support you at every stage of your test launch – right from setting up to marketing campaigns to getting customer feedback to legal and financial aid.

So, whatever your plans are for the end of this year or for 2022, make sure to add doing business in Estonia to your list. Learn more here and send us an enquiry via e-Consulting.

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Need more information?

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