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Top 10 Estonian EdTech solutions making learning fun

Estonia’s education, ranked the best in Europe based on the PISA test, proves that people love to learn and become skilled here. We picked out 10 exciting EdTech solutions created by Estonian startups to keep an eye on as an educator, a learner, and an investor.

Estonians love to learn. According to the latest PISA test results, Estonia’s basic education is among the strongest in the world and the absolute best in Europe – Estonia is number one in Europe in all three domains of assessment: reading, mathematics and science. Combining education with technology was a natural progression, so here are the top 10 EdTech startups from Estonia to change how we think about learning.



Estonians are dedicated language learners. Estonian President (1992-2001) Lennart Meri was famously fluent in 5 foreign languages, and there are no shortages of polyglots in this corner of the Nordics.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Estonia has also been the birthplace of the fantastic language learning application. Lingvist is designed first to teach you the words people use the most and then focus on the rest. With an emphasis on practical learning, it promised to teach you the new language 10 times faster and only with 10 minutes of studying daily.



Founded by Estonian entrepreneurs, this coding school is constantly hunting for its next crop of coding maestros. Breaking away from the pack, this unconventional academy ditches teachers, classes, and fees; it’s banking on a self-study approach. This quirky formula seems to be the secret sauce as kood/Jõhvi, nestled in the recently inaugurated Jõhvi building, has already attracted 500 diverse learners, including ex-bakers, corporate honchos, and former Olympians.



Maths should not be scary, argues Estonian startup 99math, which combines maths with gamification. The platform allows students to compete in math challenges against their peers, making learning math fun and engaging to develop problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. With over 100,000 active users, 99math has gained popularity in Estonia and internationally, making maths education more accessible and enjoyable for students of all ages.

Vocal Image


No matter how charming some accents are, sometimes you must sound native or change other aspects of your voice to communicate better. Estonian Vocal Image’s voice training app could be the answer! Harness the power of AI or interact with 500K dedicated users to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your voice. The app improves the attractiveness and confidence of speakers and singers; follow the personalised vocal training instructions.



Speakly is another successful language-learning application that promises to let you study languages 5 times faster than traditional courses, saving hundreds of euros and months. With Speakly, students can customise their study speed to fit personal needs and experience real-life situations to help them gain the confidence of a beginner foreign speaker. And it’s one of the few solutions to learn Estonian, which is handy for many expats moving here.



For some people, the vast availability of information online has seemingly rendered books obsolete. That’s why Estonian startup Opiq created an educational platform that equips students with the necessary resources for learning in the modern, hyper-information world. Instead of bulky textbooks, children can access all the required material using a phone, tablet or laptop. Plus, the platform allows for independent study and teachers to give feedback – helping the student identify areas for improvement.



Speeding up processes and bureaucracy for educators is one of the most crucial things to do. Estonians are famous for their efforts to digitalise everyday work and governmental interactions. That’s why Eliis simplifies teaching.

Through its solutions, teachers can efficiently manage their students’ educational journey from one central platform. They can plan the day, create long-term objectives, track progress, check attendance, and access 50+ other tools. Eliis is already used widely in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Germany.

Cerebrum Hub


The demand for tech professionals is still high, and re-education plays an increasing role in filling it. Estonian Cerebrum Hub has built a comprehensive IT course for adults to transform their careers. Their personalised and remote teaching allows clients to continue working their day job while becoming a QA engineer.


Kadri Tuisk

Estonian startup Clanbeat, founded by Kadri Tuisk, aims to address the global issue of youth mental health by providing students with access to stress management tools. Originally focused on personal growth and organisational culture support, Clanbeat shifted its focus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, recognising the worsening mental health crisis among young people. The startup’s app empowers students to manage their mental health, enabling teachers to identify their needs and fostering autonomy and resilience. With a shortage of mental health resources in schools, Clanbeat’s technology-based solution allows students to access mental health services directly. The company’s success in Estonia has led to expansion in the UK, with a long-term goal of making mental health support available to every child.



Have you heard about so-called iPad kids? Estonia has a solution. ALPA Kids transforms mindless screen time into educational play-based learning. Games are designed for 3-8-year-olds, covering essential math, language, environment, memory, and logic skills. With characters and locations based on the children’s environment, kids connect with and enjoy the games. Parents can track their child’s progress with detailed statistics on the platform.

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