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TOP 5 most promising startups in Estonia: Bolt, Viveo Health, Postoplan, Comodule and FoodDocs

The results of the Online Startup Demo Day’s poll reveal that the TOP 5 most promising startups in Estonia are: Bolt, Viveo Health, Postoplan, Comodule and FoodDocs.

Estonia is the country with the highest number of unicorns per capita in the world. Furthermore, there are more than 1,000 startups growing in the country with only 1,3M residents. Which startups are the most promising ones? We tried to find out during our first ever Online Startup Demo Day. During the event, investors had the opportunity to vote for their favourite startups – the ones they see the most potential in. And the final results are here:

#1 Bolt

Leading European transportation platform – services ranging from ride-hailing to micromobility and food delivery – and the only unicorn with headquarters in Estonia. Bolt operates in 35 countries globally with 30 million passengers and 1 million drivers and it is one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe and Africa, making Bolt a ready-made unicorn. The company´s CEO Markus Villig is the youngest founder of a billion dollar company in Europe.

#2 Viveo Health

Viveo Health is looking to make Estonia the frontrunner in telemedicine – the distribution of health-related services and information via telecommunication technologies. The company makes healthcare accessible by creating a bridge between the medical network and clients, leveraging data to provide technology and insights medical institutions could not deliver before. Viveo Health is the end-to-end platform that provides customers immediate access to the doctors (online and offline) that is covered by private health insurance.

#3 Postoplan

A free global all-in-one marketing system for managing social networks and messaging apps with unique features. More than 10,000 users from 90 countries. 10 interface languages. There are pre-prepared examples of scheduled posts and news hooks for every day — content creation has never been so fast. With POSTOPLAN users save from 50% a budget, there are not only “standard” social networks, there are also some special killer-features. POSTOPLAN entered traditional social media management market from a different side: no service plans, there are not only social networks but also messaging apps. Freemium work model, like Slack.

#4 Comodule

COMODULE is an OEM supplier of connectivity and IoT technology, offering the full platform including custom electronics, mobile application and cloud-based analytics software. It focuses on vehicle manufacturers (bicycles, electric bikes and scooters) and component suppliers (drivetrains, batteries, displays). With € 16M of revenue in 2019, during the crisis COMODULE is betting on the hypothesis that in Q2/Q3 people avoid public transport and prefer personal electric vehicles; thus preparing to raise funds later this year. The company recently started its own brand of electric scooters, operating in Tallinn.

#5 FoodDocs

For food-related companies, like retailers and restaurants, the process of staying on top of various food safety regulations and ensuring their compliance is cumbersome and bureaucratic. As a result, the companies struggle and do not have good compliance visibility. FoodDocs helps food businesses to set up their compliant food safety plans easily and ensure that all necessary requirements are always fulfilled. FoodDocs’ customers can always be sure that their food safety is compliant throughout the value chain.

First ever Estonian Online Startup Demo Day, held on May 14th, brought together a large community of Estonian startups and investors from around the world to join their forces for the future economy.

Fascinated by the setting, by the charisma of the moderator Louis Zezeran, by DJ Sander Möder’s superhot musical interludes, lively networking, the audience enjoyed great pitches of the superstars of the event – Estonian startup founders.

Altogether, about 155K people participated in the event: 3,500 followed the live stream on the event´s website and on Facebook. The Demo Day’s recordings were watched by more than 150,000 people in the different time zones all over the world. According to the poll results on Slack, the live-audience was impressive: for each startupper 1.25 investors attending the online event. The online demo day gathered people from all over the world, the countries with most numerous participants being Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany and the UK.

Based on upvotes and reactions, as well as contacts made and information shared during the networking session, Estonian Investment Agency will continue facilitating the talks between investors and startups in order to turn the event into real profit.

Online Startup Demo Day was an online event, organised by Estonian Investment Agency (Invest Estonia) in cooperation with Startup Estonia, to present top Estonian startups, resolving the crisis and growing while doing it – each startup looking for an investment of €250K or more.

Watch the recording of the Demo Day here.

Wish to invest in Estonia? Read more about startup / risk capital opportunities in Estonia here and send us an e-Consulting request to get more detailed information.

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