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Top investment news from Estonia

July's top business and investment news from Estonia, the digital country where everything can be done online, quickly and comfortably, so we have more time to go to nature, relax and enjoy the summer.

#1 Estonian digital nomad visa welcomes remote workers

According to Forbes, since Covid-19, the number of people who can work from anywhere has increased and now so called ‘work tourism’ is a far bigger market. Estonia is now luring these people, offering working visas as well as travel opportunities to neighbouring countries.

#2 Estonian FinTech unicorn TransferWise is now valued at $5B

A sharp rise in the value of TransferWise over the past year shows that Estonian innovative mindset and tech businesses have a role to play in future economy. Estonia, the land of tech unicorns, has the most tech unicorns per capita, and more than 1,000 innovative startups ready to follow the example of TransferWise.

#3 How Estonia’s parcel delivery robot producer Cleveron is training a new generation of robotics specialists

Cleveron, a company that develops and constructs parcel robots, started something last year in Estonia that has never been done before. In cooperation with the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, the company started an applied higher education curriculum called the Cleveron Academy. The academy aims to train software developers with a specific focus on self-driving cars.

#4 Head of Estonian Investment Agency: we can grow investments after COVID-19 through mapping startup innovation

Estonian Investment Agency has chosen the path of having a truly digital investment promotion agency. As Raido Lember told FDI Intelligence: “We’re hungry for more efficient ways of working!”

#5 “We Estonians don’t know how to just stay still and do nothing in the midst of a crisis – we act and we hack!”

Actually, we do – if we don’t have to save the world immediately. We have lazy summer evenings with the sun that almost never sets, dewy summer mornings calling you to take off your shoes, gorgeous sandy beaches, and buzzy evening life.

So, if you want to discover this paradise of saving the world, enjoying digital work-life and resting in the nature, you, the digital nomad, are welcome to Estonia!

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