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Top investment news from Estonia

In June, Estonia had a lot to celebrate in addition to the warm summer weather: while Tallinn was named the world's most sharing-economy friendly city and the best city in emerging Europe for smart city development, Estonian Investment Agency was named the region's leading investment promotion agency. And of course, we had to - yet again - celebrate the success of Estonia's world-changing startups.

#1 Estonian Investment Agency named the leading investment promotion agency of the region

With a score of 92.11 out of a possible 100, Estonian Investment Agency, has come out on top in a major news report looking at investment promotion agencies (IPAs) across emerging Europe.

#2 Tallinn, Estonia leads the sharing economy index globally

Tallinn, with its low level of regulation of ride-hailing and flat-sharing services along with openness to e-scooters, and outstanding innovation in the digital space leads the way as world’s most sharing-economy friendly city.

#3 Estonia is officially the land that created Europe’s hottest unicorn

Bolt, the Estonian-founded and headquartered global transportation platform providing ride-hailing and scooter sharing services, was chosen Europe’s hottest unicorn at The Europas Awards 2020.

#4 How the COVID-19 situation brought AI based management to Estonia’s companies

Customer support and procurement, like many other walks of life, have been forced online. This has created an increased demand for products and services that harness AI for enhancing its quality for customers and cutting costs for companies.

#5 FoodDocs makes AI work in the fine dining restaurants

Can you imagine that dishes in your favourite fine dining restaurant are made with the help of robots? Better get used to it! FoodDocs is using AI to help fine dining restaurants.

#6 Education nation – for the smartEST people in the world

This spring, Estonian schoolkids studied in virtual schools due to the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Estonia’s smooth switch to e-learning has been exceptional! In fact, Estonia has been preparing for extensive use of e-learning for 25 years, since the Tiger Leap initiative in the 1990s, that brought IT and the Internet to all schools across the country and has made the nation tech-savvy.

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