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U.S satellite company Globalstar opened a €3.5M earth station in West Estonia

The US mobile satellite voice and data services provider Globalstar opened an earth station in the territory of the Saarde municipality in West Estonia, investing € 3.5 M in the project.

“We found Kilingi-Nõmme when we were looking for a location for our next earth station in Europe, we needed one in the Baltic region,” VP of Globalstar Barbee Ponder told ERR. “We needed a location that would be politically and economically stable.”

“Thanks to good cooperation with the Estonian Investment Agency, we decided to accept the offer to create the earth station in Kilingi-Nõmme.”

Estonian Investment Agency’s Director of Regional Business Development in West Estonia, Sulev Alajõe, stressed the role of good cooperation with the Saarde county that enabled the agency to act swiftly.

The earth station for the Baltic Sea region is one of more than 20 connection points with satellites across the globe, ensuring the functioning of mobile satellite traffic covering all of Europe. It is Globalstar’s second land station in Europe, the first one is located in France and has been functioning for some time, already.

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Below you can find a video of the opening by ERR (in Estonian):

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