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Vicky Brock, CEO at Vistalworks: investing in Estonia means investing in global businesses

Vicky Brock, the co-founder and CEO of Vistalworks: „When you invest in Estonia, you are actually investing in very international global-looking businesses. “

Estonia is often described as a perfect Nordic gateway to the European markets. In the context of rapid growth of digitalisation and e-commerce, tech / e-commerce entrepreneur Vicky Brock sees even greater potential in investing in Estonian companies.

“Estonia for me has become the central way to access the EU market,” notes Brock. “So, when you invest in Estonia, you are actually investing in very international, global-looking businesses. It may be a small country, but its strength is actually that it’s looking out to the world. So, when you invest in Estonia, you invest in global companies,” Vicky Brock said in a video interview at the Latitude59 tech conference.

Latitude59’s speaker and entrepreneur Vicky Brock highly values both the Estonian business environment and business opportunities offered by it.

“It’s primarily connectivity. So, connectivity in every sense. Technology – obviously but also access to markets, access to people and access to the language skills that you need to get to those markets,” Brock lists the advantages of Estonia when aiming at European markets.

Vicky Brock and her team in Vistalworks have developed data technology that keeps online shoppers safe from harm. Vistalworks has created a series of free browser plugins and apps that automatically warn shoppers when the products being offered to them on online marketplaces or social media platforms aren’t what they seem.

Vicky Brock has been named as one of the 9 top female tech CEOs to watch by Forbes. Brock has won Inspiring Woman of the Year at the 2019 Scotland Women in Tech Awards, Most Inspiring Business Person at the 2017 Entrepreneurial Scotland Awards, Innovator of the Year at the 2014 FDM Everywoman in Technology Awards.

Want to know more about business in Estonia? You are welcome to step into the business sauna here and get started with your business in Estonia.

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