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LIVE tweets – e-Estonia at Oslo Innovation Week: explore the world’s most advanced digital society

Estonia is proud to offer a peek into the world’s most advanced digital society and its innovation-friendly business environment at a special event during the Oslo Innovation Week on September 25, 2019.

Estonian Investment Agency is happy to announce one of the world’s most influential people in Digital Government, the Estonian government CIO Siim Sikkut as the keynote speaker Oslo Innovation Week.

The event takes place today (September 25, 2019) at Gamle Museet, Oslo and feature speakers such as Mr. Kaspar Kork (Estonian Investment Agency), Mr. Andres Anijalg (Roofit.Solar) and Mr. Timo Kullerkupp (RASK Attorneys-at-Law), Mr. Alex Wellman, the Marketing and Communications Team Lead at e-Residency, etc.

We will give a quick overview of what is happening via our Twitter feed:

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Need more information?

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