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Estonian tech company Turnit modernises Sweden’s public transit system

Estonian travel tech company Turnit unveils a national-scale cooperation with Sweden, streamlining ticket sales and making public transport seamless.

Turnit, a leading travel tech company headquartered in Estonia, has announced the launch of the Swedish National Distribution System (NDS) in cooperation with Samtrafiken, a collaboration and development company operating in the public transport industry.

Providing mission-critical software technology and consultancy to the passenger transport industry, Turnit’s success stories to date include developing a reservation system for Ireland’s Bus Éireann, and partnering with Australia’s Transport for New South Wales. Their end-to-end SaaS platform is used by over 50 mobility and public transport leaders globally.

Established to modernise the Swedish mass transit market, the freshly unveiled NDS streamlines ticket sales and enhances cross-selling opportunities for operators, enabling them to offer additional services. The system makes the booking process seamless for passengers, enabling the further spread of public transit as the go-to sustainable transportation choice.

The backbone of the new system is Turnit Hub, which enables the cross-selling of operators’ tickets and will distribute the products of more than 50 different operators on the Swedish market.


Turnit CEO & Samtrafiken CEO with the first ticket issued through the NDS 


This development makes Sweden the first European country to use the OSDM online standard at a nationwide level. OSDM is an open-source specification developed to improve interoperability and integration between operators and distributors to strengthen rail and public transport.

“Through close collaboration with our partners in the OSDM working group, outstanding leadership from Samtrafiken and remaining agile in our development plan as needed, we were able to successfully navigate the project’s complexities and achieve the objectives agreed with Samtrafiken,” says Turnit CEO Ülo Säre.

“We are happy to have Turnit as a partner in this project,” says Gerhard Wennerström, CEO of Samtrafiken. “They are committed to OSDM-online, an important standard for the mobility future in Sweden and Europe.”

The NDS will be processing tickets for approximately 50 rail and bus operators in Sweden. This mission-critical service, powered by Estonian technology, is set to enable the growth of the Swedish mass transit sector and process close to €180M in ticket sales annually.

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