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For the third time in a row, Estonia tops Emerging Europe’s investment promotion survey

For the third time in a row, Estonia is at the top of Emerging Europe’s investment promotion survey, setting high standards, aware that its national brand is increasingly powerful.

According to Emerging Europe, Invest Estonia has once again set the standard for others in the emerging Europe region to follow.

“The Estonian Investment Agency is innovative, creative, and hugely supportive of potential investors, and the fact that it has once again topped our survey suggests that it is not resting on its laurels,” Andrew Wrobel, founder and managing partner of Emerging Europe commented on their website. “It continues to set high standards, aware that its national brand is increasingly powerful. While other countries are making excellent progress, which is good to see, they still have some catching up to do.”

As a part of its awards programme, Emerging Europe has since 2018 been researching how the region’s 23 national investment promotion agencies (IPAs) communicate their value proposition and how they use their digital channels to grab the attention of potential investors to the various business opportunities offered by key sectors.

Constant work to stay ahead

To gain attention and win new opportunities from serious investors, today’s investment promotion agencies must find a way to stand out from the crowd. The Estonian Investment Agency has several times set the standard for other investment promotion agencies in the region to follow. With innovative and creative solutions, coupled with bold and strategic decisions, the Estonian Investment Agency has gained recognition and won many important awards and international attention.

The Estonian Investment Agency has been included in IRCAI’s (The International Research Centre in Artificial Intelligence under the auspices of UNESCO) list of 100 most promising artificial intelligence solutions for the benefit of humanity.

In 2020, Invest Estonia was awarded the United Nations Investment Promotion Award as, according to the U.N, the agency showed readiness, innovation and excellence in supporting the evolving needs of investors during the COVID-19 crisis.

In addition, the agency has received Site Selection Magazine’s Top Investment Agency of the region award three times and won several marketing and public relations awards, most recently a Golden Egg.

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