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Head of e-Residency: “We’re the pathfinders in this journey”

When Estonia launched its e-Residency scheme five years ago, it was a leap into the dark. But nowadays the programme is boosting economic growth, tax revenues, and the country’s profile through an emerging generation of global, highly-mobile entrepreneurs.

“We’re the pathfinders in this journey,” Head of Estonia’s e-Residency Ott Vatter told “It’s super-challenging: every morning, I wake up with a new problem. But it’s great to work on something unique: I can’t think of any project in the world that’s similar.”

Vatter first joined the programme with the task of setting up an international identity verification process, eliminating the need for applicants to visit Estonia before receiving their ID card: wannabe e-Residents can now have their identities confirmed at Estonian embassies worldwide. Four years on, Vatter was appointed managing director of the ground-breaking scheme. “I came here for two months at the beginning of 2015, and never quite left,” he says with a grin.

You can read more about e-Residency, how it went viral, how Estonia has a great tax system but is not a tax haven, etc here.

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