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Kadri Tuisk, founder of Clanbeat: Estonia’s EdTech experiences could help the world cope better with the second wave of coronavirus

Kadri Tuisk, the founder and CEO of Clanbeat: Estonia’s EdTech experiences could help the world cope better with e-learning during the second wave of coronavirus: “Our solutions are corona-approved, and Estonian EdTech solutions have really taken a big step further.”

During the pandemic, Estonian children were able to continue their remote schooling smoothly.

Kadri Tuisk, the founder of Estonian EdTech startup Clanbeat, explains in a video interview at the tech conference Latitude59, how Estonia’s EdTech startups can help the rest of the world to cope better with the crisis through effective e-learning.

“Estonian schools went through a very big change, as did the rest of the world’s schools. And Estonian EdTech startups were really quick to respond,” says Tuisk.

As a matter of fact, Estonia has been preparing for extensive use of e-learning for 25 years, since the Tiger Leap initiative in the 1990s, that brought IT and the Internet to all schools across the country. Estonia’s smooth switch to e-learning this spring can still be considered exceptional.

“For example, when we found out that we are going into lockdown, Estonian EdTech startups put together an offering to help out Estonian schools and schools worldwide. As a result of that, in co-creation together with the schools, many Estonian EdTech startups were able to design their value proposition, in a way that it would meet the current needs of the world,” Tuisk notes.

“And right now, they are much more capable of responding to the needs of remote learning and trying to help the schools out. Our solutions are corona-approved, and Estonian EdTech solutions have really taken a big step further,” Tuisk confirms.

Estonian EdTech startup Clanbeat is building a personal development tool, a broad platform to support the acceleration of personal growth.

“I’m in love with solving this problem of accelerating human growth. There is no better motivator for me than seeing people benefiting from the solution and turning their lives towards a better, more meaningful direction,” Tuisk said to Life in Estonia magazine this spring.

Clanbeat Education was founded in 2018 by Kadri Tuisk and partners Tiina Pauklin, Christjan Schumann and Triin Noorkõiv. In December 2019, Clanbeat got €1M funding from Taizo Son, Martin Henk, and Ragnar Sass, to expand to new markets. Clanbeat works on a yearly subscription model and has paying customers from Southeast Asia and Europe.

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