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The naked truth about business in Estonia: we invite you to the virtual investment sauna

No one actually knows who first invented the first sauna. Rooted in Estonian and Finnish culture, we find that the sauna still belongs to everyone. Hence we have warmed up our virtual investment sauna for the Latitude59, where our investment advisors will make a 100-second pitch in a 100°C sauna to give you all the naked truths about doing business in Estonia.

Some of you might be thinking while reading this article: “Isn’t the sauna a Finnish thing though?”

The sauna, as most people know it today, is rooted in the culture of Finno-Ugric peoples living around the Baltic Sea – like both the Estonians and the Finns. The tradition is mentioned in some of Estonia’s earliest written records so it stretches further back into our pre-history.

However, many different cultures around the world have similar sauna-style sweat bathing traditions once you go back far enough. Some believe it was humanity’s second innovation after figuring out how to make fire.

So the sauna belongs to our common human heritage. What makes the sauna special in our part of the world is not who invented it, but how we are preserving it and making it even more relevant in our modern age.

Our dear neighbours in Finland have certainly done more than anyone else to preserve sauna culture and help the world rediscover it. For that, they do deserve credit. Estonia’s sauna expertise, design and traditions are gaining increased notoriety around the world so we invite you to discover it. By the way, as there’s no word for ‘sauna steam’ in English, you might as well start using our word: ‘leil’.

So the sauna belongs to everyone – regardless of where you come from or where you are going, whether you choose to go naked or not, and whether you want to sweat it out in the ‘leiliruum’ with us or just listen to stories from the sauna’s waiting room – ‘eesruum’. That’s the naked truth.

Step into our investment sauna

Sauna is not just a hot room. It is the place where the most important decisions are made, and best advice is given. Step into our virtual investment sauna here. Our investment advisors prepared a 100-second pitch in a 100°C sauna to give you all the naked truths about doing business in Estonia.

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Need more information?

Need more information?

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