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Coming & living

Estonia is a clean, safe, and tech-savvy country where your input is valued and all your out-of-the-box ideas truly cherished.

  • 51% of Estonia covered by forest
  • #2 in Freedom on the Net 2020
  • 89% use the internet regularly

Visa information

2007Estonia joined the Schengen area

The up-to-date list of nationals who do not need a visa to enter Estonia or need one for stays of more than 90 days in a 180-day period only can be found on the webpage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Estonia is a member of the European Union and Schengen agreement, meaning that EU common visa policy applies for the country.

The Ministry’s webpage also provides you with information on applying for a visa, the EU common visa policy, and long stay visas. This includes requirements for visas needed for business purposes and information on visa fees.

Visit Estonia’s webpage provides you with useful information to help you get to Estonia and make your visit a pleasant one.

Residence permit for business

To facilitate doing business in Estonia, there is a residence permit for business program in place. It is possible to apply for a temporary residence permit for business:

  • under general conditions – if you have a holding in a company or you operate as a sole proprietor and you have invested in business activity in Estonia at least 65,000 euros of capital (in the case of a self-employed person, 16,000 euros). The company’s equity capital, subordinated liability and the amount of registered fixed assets can be regarded as constituting investment
  • for conducting business at a startup – the startup company must have been previously evaluated by the expert committee, unless a specification applies. You can find more information on the evaluation and specifications of startups on the webpage of Police and Border Guard Board or on the webpage of Startup Estonia
  • as a major investor – if you have made a direct investment of at least 1,000,000 euros in a company entered into the commercial register of Estonia that invests mostly into the Estonian economy, or an investment in an investment fund, according to the investment policy of which the instruments of the fund are invested mainly in the companies entered into the commercial register of Estonia. You can find more information on the conditions of applying for residence permit as a major investor on the webpage of the Police and Border Guard Board

For submitting an application, please address in person a foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia. If you have a legal basis for staying in Estonia, you may submit the application at the Police and Border Guard Board office. For that you need to make a reservation.

If you have any questions regarding residence permits, please contact a migration advisor.

Living in Estonia

12thin the world for quality of life in mid-2021

Imagine yourself living in a society where your input is valued and all your out-of-the-box ideas truly cherished. Imagine living in a clean, safe and tech-savvy country together with educated people who value innovation and forward-looking ideas. Estonia is one of Europe’s most spacious countries. With a territory roughly matching that of the Netherlands, it is home to only 1.3 million people.

Work in Estonia website

In Estonia, you are never more than a 30-minute drive away from a forest or a lake. The living environment is very clean, relaxed and safe. According to the World Health Organization, Estonia has one of the best overall air quality in the world.
Despite its size, it would still take a lifetime to enjoy all the galleries, theatres, concerts, festivals, markets, fairs, and beaches this country has to offer.

In Estonia, most everyday tasks are carried out digitally. From online banking to e-school and digital prescriptions, our public services run efficiently and smoothly.

The clean environment comes with an added bonus: natural and organic food is Estonia’s priority. This means you’ll always know what you are eating, and will feel good.

Everyone can rent or buy real estate in Estonia. Both modern and more historic accommodation have remained affordable. You’ll also find it quite easy to find a place with a park or a forest nearby.

Estonians work hard and party well. The organisational work-ethic is very high in this part of the world, but everyone also knows how to relax. As proof, new and surprising entertainment venues and restaurants pop up every season all over the country. To find out more about living in Estonia, visit the Living in Estonia section of the Work in Estonia webpage.

Doing business in Estonia

News & events

Need more information?

Need more information?

What is it like to run a business in Estonia? How to benefit from the e-solutions and the efficiency of our business culture? What are the opportunities in specific sectors? Who to partner up with?

The Estonian Investment Agency’s team is happy to help you via its complimentary e-Consulting service, organize online or offline follow-up events such as virtual investment visits and guide you through the fairly simple process of investing in Estonia.

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