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Japan’s major gas company Nichigas started to use a software solution based on Estonian X-Road

Nichigas, a major Japanese gas company started to use an Estonian X-road based solution to make it possible to find information across the databases of the group’s five companies in their affiliated call centers. In the future, Nichigas plans to expand the use of the system.

The system in use, PlanetCross, is a secure data collaboration platform developed by Planetway, a Japanese-Estonian startup with its R&D unit based in Tallinn.

An Estonian-Japanese solution

It is the first product based on a customized version of the backbone of Estonia’s e-services X-Road that is meant for use by private companies in Japan.
PlanetCross can securely connect data between companies via the Internet without having to make major changes to existing systems or databases.
Nichigas (Nippon Gas Co., LTD) is a major Japanese gas company founded in 1955 and employing more than 1,900 people. The company is active both on its home market and abroad, in the US and Australia.

From the backbone of e-Estonia to the business world

X-Road is the backbone of e-Estonia. Invisible yet crucial, it allows the nation’s various public and private sector e-service information systems to link up and function in harmony.
Estonia’s e-solution environment includes a full range of services for the general public, and since each service has its own information system they all use X-Road. To ensure secure transfers, all outgoing data is digitally signed and encrypted, and all incoming data is authenticated and logged.
It connects different information systems that may include a variety of services. It has developed into a tool that can also write to multiple information systems, transmit large data sets and perform searches across several information systems simultaneously. X-Road was designed with growth in mind, so it can be scaled up as new e-services and new platforms come online.
Today, it is implemented in Finland, Kyrgyzstan, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Japan and other countries. Similar technology that is based on the Estonian interoperability experiences has also been implemented in Ukraine and Namibia.

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