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IT R&D / software / hardware

Estonia is the world’s most digitally enabled nation, offering a unique combination of talent, environment, and innovation. Our IT R&D ecosystem enjoys global proof of concept, being trusted by global organisations such as Kuehne+Nagel and NATO and producing unicorn startups like Wise and Bolt.

  • #1 in e-ID and e-government
  • #1 in number of unicorns per capita
  • 130+ countries using Estonian IT
  • TOP 10 in EU acc. European innovation scoreboard 2021

Our advantages

10unicorns produced
SkillsTalent pool with world-class IT education, skills and experience.
AgileUnique global proof of concept in software and systems.
Unique systemsGlobal hub for software development.
Digital environmentCompact, digital environment well suited to accelerated R&D and launches.
Track recordSolid track record of successful innovations and investments.


6%of ICT specialists in total employment in Europe

Estonia’s journey to becoming the world’s most digitally enabled nation began 25 years ago when visionaries committed to IT as a country strategy. Today, Estonia is a recognised leader in digital identity, cyber security, and Blockchain and has produced numerous innovations in consumer, enterprise, and government sectors.

In Estonia, IT is taught from primary school onwards and the country ranks in TOP10 globally for teaching maths and IT. Numerous universities and vocational education centers collaborate with industry on knowledge and technology transfer, ensuring the workforce possesses professional knowledge and practical experience.

Estonia ranks #1 in Europe for startups per capita and has produced 10 unicorns. Round 20 incubators and accelerators provide validation, mentoring, risk capital, and global commercialization services for sectors including CleanTech, Gaming, and Industry. Government initiative Startup Estonia promotes early-stage competitiveness and global integration.

Corporate R&D is significant in Estonia. A global organization like Kuehne+Nagel trusts Estonia to conceive, develop, and launch new logistics solutions. NATO conducts cutting-edge cyber security R&D in Estonia and NASDAQ has conducted successful Blockchain trials. Competence centers STACC, ELIKO, and IMECC provide facilities and expertise to conduct applied R&D in AI, Big Data, and more.

Estonia’s IT R&D ecosystem is enabled by modern digital infrastructure and a pro-business environment that is free of red tape, promoting accelerated innovation and launches. Government policy is highly supportive and has led to Telia trialing 5G in Estonia and Google’s use of new location technologies to improve emergency services.

As digitalisation transforms life, business, and government, Estonia’s combination of skills, experience, and environment makes it the ideal location for globally scalable IT R&D.

Software development

5%of GDP from ICT sector

Regularly ranked as a world leader in IT skills, infrastructure, and environment, it is unsurprising that Estonia is a global hub for software development.

Our sector is vibrant, spanning startups to multinationals across segments such as gaming, fintech, e-commerce, cleantech, enterprise, and e-government.

Thanks to a 25-year government commitment to the IT sector and tailored programs for talent mobility and skills development, Estonia possesses a skilled, multi-lingual workforce of over 20,000 people with expertise in all key computer languages, UX, data analytics, and cyber security.

Foreign investors such as Microsoft, CGI, Fujitsu, Kuehne+Nagel, and Arvato have successful long-term operations in Estonia thanks to their ability to serve global clients with high-quality, innovative solutions.

Homegrown talents such as Fortumo, Playtech, GrabCAD, Pipedrive and Wise have gone global from an Estonian base, attracting venture capital and awards in the process.

Today Estonia is recognised as an R&D hotbed, with 7 universities, round 20 accelerators, numerous events, and a tech-savvy government collaborating with industry and investors. Our competitive economy and unique digital environment provide an ideal launchpad for accelerated R&D and global scaling.

Whether you seek sustainable ROI or new intellectual property creation, Estonia has the skills and track record to deliver.

Complex systems

nearly 1Bqueries via X-Road annually

Estonia has highly skilled architects who are experienced in creating complex, reliable, cross-border systems.

Estonia’s early expertise stems from e-government solutions. X-Road is our system of public and private sector databases that function in harmony to support e-services. Outgoing data is digitally signed and encrypted while incoming data is authenticated and logged. New services and databases are easily added. Reliable, secure, and scalable, X-Road has been adopted by countries as diverse as Finland and Namibia and ensures Estonia has world-class skills in decentralised databases and connected networks for the Blockchain and IoT era.

Estonia’s e-Tax system provides automatic calculations, one-click returns, and real-time data. 98% of all tax declarations in Estonia are filed electronically, taking just minutes for users and providing efficiency to the state. As a result of this innovation, Estonia has the most competitive tax code in the OECD.

Estonia is also an expert at managing and protecting high-tech systems, being home to the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (NATO CCD COE) and the European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems (EU LISA). The latter supports high volume, cross-border flows of data in real-time in the areas of freedom, security, and justice.

Nor is Estonia’s expertise limited to government solutions. Guardtime, the world’s largest Blockchain company, trusts Estonia to provide their cryptographers, developers, and security architects. Estonian banking and fintech systems are adopted globally. Global telecoms giants Ericsson and Telia research and develop new systems in Estonia.

As the global IT architecture transforms towards blockchain, platforms, and cloud, Estonian expertise in developing, managing, and protecting high-tech systems makes it the trusted investment location.

IT R&D / software / hardware

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