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CleanTech and GreenTech

Estonia is not only a pioneering digital society, which has found convincing answers to the challenges of digitalization, but it also is a very green country. There is a strong societal and political will to utilize the capabilities and ecosystems. These have been developed to tackle the challenges of decarbonization of the economy and to become once again a leading player – in CleanTech and GreenTech.

  • 51% of the territory covered by forest
  • #4 globally for science education
  • #18 globally for ease of doing business
  • #1 for unicorns per capita

Our advantages

51%of Estonia covered by forest
icon-fastA forward-thinking mindset, a strong work ethic, and a highly entrepreneurial economy.
icon-eurosThe availability of capital – both venture capital as well as strong EU and national funding programs.
icon-treeA sustainable country with air quality, which is among the best in the world, and half of its territory is covered with forest.
icon-worldAn innovation hotbed and a booming startup scene in solar, hydrogen, and GridTech.
icon-laptopDifferent public and private sector companies and institutions invest in green energy projects.


Estonia has set a clear goal for energy transition, driven by the need to replace fossil power generation. Decisive measures have been taken to make Estonia a top GreenTech development center and the largest producer of green energy per capita in the coming years. Estonia has rapidly picked up the pace in tackling climate change by implementing green transition strategies.

Foreign investors have used Estonia as a testbed, development, and production center for green technologies for decades and helped to develop strong technological know-how in this field. For example, ABB is engineering and producing wind turbine modules, Enics assembles wind turbine controllers and Ensto has long been producing EV charging stations in Estonia.

In recent years startups have successfully developed and new investments have been attracted. For example, Skeleton Technologies has derived its unique ultracapacitor technology from the research of the University of Tartu.

Battery technology is also an essential element for the emerging mobility cluster. Companies like Starship Technologies, Comodule, or Auve Tech are helping with their solutions to reduce the ecological footprint of urban mobility and use Estonia as an easily accessible and non-bureaucratic test market for new mobility solutions, such as last-mile delivery robots or hyperconnected, super-durable, and 90% recyclable bicycles and scooters.

Leading GreenTech consortia in Estonia are Cleantech Estonia, the local cluster bringing together the Cleantech ecosystem that aims to empower research and innovation towards impactful and systematic sustainability, and the Tehnopol Greentech Cluster, whose mission is to support state-of-art green technology entrepreneurship in Estonia. Renewable energy companies Sunly and Cleantech Estonia have signed a collaboration agreement that also marks the beginning of establishing a new centre for CleanTech. Named Port of Power (PoP), the hub draws together companies from the relevant areas, offering investments and access to regional and international networks.

It is inevitable that hydrogen will shape our future energy sector. Estonia has an active hydrogen community with two privately established consortia: the Estonian Hydrogen Association and the Estonian Hydrogen Cluster. Universities are researching next-generation energy technologies and the University of Tartu and TalTech are the European Centres of Excellence in “Advanced materials and high-technology devices for energy recuperation systems”.

CleanTech and GreenTech

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Need more information?

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