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Patient records in Estonia are digitised and secured by the Blockchain, providing a single immutable data source for healthcare professionals. With a unique digital platform and collaborative ecosystem, Estonia is positioned to lead on preventative medicine, patient self-treatment and industry efficiency.

  • 2008 health records first made available online
  • 95% of health data created today is digitised
  • 1 B health events saved in the Blockchain
  • #3 globally for science education

Our advantages

2008Blockchain first used in Estonia
e-HealthWorld leader in application of government e-Health services and solutions.
AcademiaActive collaboration between academia, industry, government and IT sector.
SkillsInfrastructure, skills and government policy conducive to R&D.
BenefitsClear legal principles on data ownership and protection.
FundingProven benefits for all stakeholders from application of e-Health technologies.


1 billionhealth events saved in the Blockchain

Estonia’s e-Health journey began in 2008 when it conceived and built its state healthcare information system. Initially delivering patient data online, the system has since scaled to include new services, integrate private sector partners and Blockchain technology for system access and data integrity.

Today 95% of data generated by doctors and hospitals is digitised. Unified health records, including x-rays, are available countrywide and prescriptions collectable on-demand utilising electronic ID. Patients, who own and can view their data at all times, benefit from convenience and trust; healthcare professionals are empowered to make informed decisions, and the state saves significant resources.

Government is one element of a wider e-Health ecosystem. In academia, where Estonia ranks number 3 globally for the teaching of science, several universities and hospitals support research, clinical trials and applied care. Cluster organisations exist for connected health and cell therapy, Estonia being one of the few countries in the world possessing a genome database.

Leveraging Estonia’s world-leading IT industry, MedTech solutions ranging from Big Data analytics to mobile self-treatment are developed, and aspects such as cloud, Blockchain and cyber security are seamlessly integrated into everyday processes and services.

In the future, Estonia’s ability to combine multiple disciplines and technologies, supported by enabling infrastructure and policy-making, will significantly increase R&D in areas such as genetics, biotechnology and patient self-treatment.

With world-class expertise and an advanced platform within the EU regulatory framework, Estonia is the ideal location to research, develop and manage e-Health solutions.

Healthcare in Estonia

Estonia has a collaborative healthcare cluster spanning government, academia, competence centres, production and IT companies.

A pioneer in e-health for 25 years, today over 95% of data generated by hospitals and doctors is digitised. A person’s unified health record and x-rays are available on-demand throughout Estonia, allowing health professionals to make informed decisions. Blockchain technology assures system integrity while patients access their data and prescriptions using Estonia’s secure e-ID solutions.

Estonia has an active biotech cluster comprising over 70 companies who, in conjunction with the University of Tartu, research, clinically test and develop innovative science. Areas of expertise include genetics, molecular- and biomarker based testing.

Foreign investors such as Valio and Lallemand trust Estonia to conduct their R&D in food science, including lactose-free, functional molecules and directed evolution.

In pharma, Estonia has a niche production capability for GMP certified pharmaceuticals and life science products such as antibodies, peptides, proteins, enzymes and reagents.

The Estonian Genome Center is a biobank holding data on about 20% of Estonia’s adult population. As e-Health and Big Data analytics advance Estonia will emerge as a leader in diagnostic and preventative medicine, with patients empowered to self-service when and where is convenient.

Through the application of medtech and e-health solutions Estonia aims to lead the world in societal wellbeing and the efficient use of resources.


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