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Estonia is one of the first countries to implement smart grid and electric vehicle networks and has strong capabilities in material technologies, big data analytics and IT solutions for the utility and agri sectors.

  • #1 globally to build nation-wide EV fast charge network
  • #2 in Europe for number of EVs per capita
  • #3 globally for science education
  • #1 globally to implement smart grid

Our advantages

3.7+bn €turnover of the ICT sector
Science and educationWorld class education in science and IT.
icon-businessregistryUnique combination of physical and digital infrastructure.
icon-facesWorld class skills and experience in key segments of CleanTech.
icon-ksiEarly-stage ecosystem including academia, accelerators, events and funding.
icon-leafProven benefits to stakeholders and environment from adoption of cleantech.


#2globally in the number of electric vehicles per capita

From a molecular level Estonia is re-defining how science and technology interact. Skeleton Technologies, a pioneer in ultracapacitor-based energy storage and Cleantech 100 company, conduct R&D in Estonia. Similar innovations occur in energy production, including world-class capabilities in Biomass and Oil Shale.

Estonia is also at the cutting edge of smart grid technologies, since 2011 our electricity grid has integrated hardware and software to connect stakeholders in real-time. Generators and distributors predict demand, deliver the optimal energy mix, identify service issues and automate billing. Consumers use apps and analytics to create personalised packages and can trade excess electricity or fix prices directly in the market. Efficiency is increased, environmental impact decreased.

Building on this success, Estonia was the first country in the world to implement a nationwide fast-charging electric vehicle network in conjunction with ABB. Tallink, the largest shipping company in the Baltic Sea, is transitioning to an LNG fleet.

Through the application of IT, Estonians have developed expertise in applying analytics to improve resource efficiency. Planet OS, a big data provider in renewable energy, launched from an Estonian base, went global and was acquired by Intertrust.

The next generation already emerges, with Timbeter integrating location technologies and visual data to improve forestry management.

With unique skills, proven experience and an active CleanTech cluster, Estonia is set to play a leading role in the research, development and application of solutions that will drive the energy revolution.


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