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Cyber security

The most advanced cyber security country in Europe, Estonia has unique expertise in the research, development and management of cyber security solutions and systems. Home to NATO CCDCOE, Guardtime and Malwarebytes, Estonia is trusted to keep the digital economy safe.

  • #1 in Global Cybersecurity Index in the EU
  • #3 in Global Cybersecurity Index in the world
  • 2008 Blockchain first used in Estonia
  • #2 globally for laws relating to ICT

Our advantages

#5globally in cyber security
BlockchainWorld-class skills in system design, cryptography, electronic ID and Blockchain.
Cyber defenseExperience from successfully defending against 2007 cyberattacks.
CollaborationGlobal collaboration hub for academia, industry, government and military.
Thought leaderThought leader via Tallinn Manuals, Locked Shields, Crossed Swords and CyCon.
Cyber securityUnique environment for cyber security R&D, testing and management.


#1in Europe in cyber security

Following its successful defence of the 2007 cyber attacks, Estonia developed a national cyber security strategy and has emerged as a leader in the field, ranking first in Europe due to its multi-stakeholder approach to strategic, technical, operational, and legal aspects.

World-class education in math and science creates a strong foundation which is augmented by excellent IT skills and practical experience in areas including system design, encryption, intrusion detection, and Blockchain.

World-leading cyber security companies such as CGI, Symantec, and Malwarebytes use Estonia as a base to research, develop and manage consumer, enterprise, and government solutions. Guardtime, the world’s largest Blockchain company, trusts Estonia to provide its cryptographers, developers, and security architects.

Estonia is also an expert at protecting complex high-tech systems, being home to the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (NATO CCD COE) and European Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems (EU LISA). At the same time, besides those large-scale capabilities, local researchers are working on different niche cyber security capabilities, such as maritime cyber security.

In the rapidly evolving world of cyber security Estonia is at the forefront of thought leadership and global collaboration through its hosting of the CyCon event and the Locked Shields and Crossed Swords exercises. Estonia ranks second for laws relating to ICT globally and The Tallinn Manuals are the most comprehensive analysis of how international law applies to cyberspace.

As cybercrime becomes a significant factor in client relationships, business valuation and even national security, Estonia’s unique blend of expertise and environment provides the ideal platform for the research, development, and management of cyber security solutions.


98% of Estonians have an ID card and use it regularly to securely identify themselves and utilise e-services. Over 73,000 e-residents use their Estonian ID card to sign contracts, access financial services, and run their Estonian company, where and when suits them best.

While many countries and businesses around the world struggle with online trust, Estonia already has proof of concept. The World Bank estimates that Estonians save a remarkable five days per year using digital signatures. Digital business models are proven to be more profitable and agile. UNCTAD has adopted Estonian e-ID solutions as a secure way to grow e-commerce in emerging markets.

Estonia’s expertise in the field comes from world-class skills in cyber security and active collaboration between government, telecommunication, and financial service providers such as Telia, Swedbank, and SEB. Ultra-high user convenience and strong legal protection create the trust required for use across applications.

Estonia’s transition to high-speed, mobile telecommunications has driven innovation in the field. Mobile-ID solutions allow users to utilise their smartphones for e-services by creating a secure, encrypted connection to the service provider.

Smart-ID is a next-generation e-ID solution, providing secure authentication and electronic signing for device-independent transactions where there is no SIM card. Already used in three countries and eIDAS-compliant, Smart-ID is the most advanced e-ID solution in the European Union today.

Like many aspects of life, business and government move online, Estonian e-ID solutions set the standard for security and user convenience.

Cyber security

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