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Smart cities

Estonia has a niche capability in the design and engineering of hardware and software solutions for intelligent transportation, urban planning, tourism and smart homes. Advanced digital infrastructure, skills and consumer adoption provide the ideal R&D testbed.

  • 2017 testing of self-driving cars legalised
  • #15 in Europe for network readiness
  • 5,900+ ICT companies

Our advantages

2017testing of autonomous vehicles legalised
icon-fasffwCommitment of state to efficient public assets.
icon-facesWorld-class skills in high-tech systems, real-time computing and cyber security.
icon-scienceExtensive use of connected networks in energy, transportation and Smart City sectors.
icon-settings2Proven benefits to users and environment from adoption of smart city technologies.
icon-stone-housesCommitment of state to innovation in the smart city sector.


#3in Europe in share of ICT specialists among people employed

As an innovative and globally recognized role model of a digital society, Estonia is also pioneering the advancement of the smart city concept. Estonia was the first country in the world to implement smart parking, today our smart apps and ticketing systems are widely used across the Nordic region. Furthermore, smart car parking extends to smart and secure bike parking with Bikeep solutions.

Tuul and Bolt are two local players operating rental scooter and e-bike fleets in Tallinn and other cities in Estonia. Bolt is also providing a popular car-sharing service, making individual car ownership no longer a need for city dwellers.

All these solutions for today’s mobility challenges are supported and enabled by strong IoT engineering capabilities by companies like 1oT and Krakul and leading connectivity solutions by Comodule. Estonian startups Bercman Technologies and 1oT joined their knowledge to modernize data transmission of smart infrastructure. Bercman’s IoT-based smart crosswalks are increasing traffic safety and supporting smart vehicles’ further use in city transportation.

In March 2017, Estonia legalised the testing of autonomous vehicles in the country. Digitally-enabled infrastructure, including smart roads and ports, has also allowed Estonia to implement Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) which ensure smooth flows of people and traffic around cities and logistics hubs. Big Data analytics are increasingly integrated to improve urban planning, civil safety, and tourism.

Thanks to high-speed digital infrastructure and the use of location technologies, Estonia has become a leader in telematics. Cutting-edge collaboration between our emergency services, Google, Tele2, Telia, and Elisa accurately pinpoints callers in seconds, saving lives.

In addition to applying smart city concepts to improve life quality and mobility, Estonia seeks to enhance economic competitiveness. Our Smart Port and FINEST Twins joint ventures with Finland increase interoperability with our largest tourism and trading partner, provide valuable data for strategic planning, and link the two economies even more closely together.

Smart cities

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Need more information?

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