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Estonia is the most effective supply chain hub for the Nordic and Baltic regions thanks to its strategic location, modern infrastructure, multi-modal capabilities and reliable but flexible approach.

  • #6 in Europe for Ease of Doing Business
  • #7 globally for economic freedom
  • #1 in CEE for competitiveness
  • #1 in CEE for transparency

Our advantages

1.5 bn €annual turnover of the sector
icon-worldStrategic location to serve Nordic, Baltic and CIS regions.
icon-businessregistryFull multimodal capability using modern and efficient infrastructure.
icon-laptopReliable staff and use of IT ensures effectiveness.
icon-fasffwHighly flexible and transparent approach.
icon-serverCentre of excellence in digital logistics and supply chain management.


180countries Estonia trades with

Estonia occupies a strategic location with excellent multimodal connections to the Nordic, Baltic, EU and CIS markets, supported by necessary language skills and protocols.

We are consistently ranked among the most open and competitive economies in the world, and low red tape ensures goods and data flow efficiently. Our compact size and transparent business culture make it easy to secure decisions, grow and flex.

Our modern infrastructure is augmented by highly-trained workers with quality certification as standard. We are experienced in managing complex industrial supply chains for the likes of ABB and Ericsson and possess expertise in sensitive cargoes such as petrochemicals and just-in-time fulfilment.

Ongoing investment in IT and infrastructure projects such as Rail Baltic and Tallinn Airport increase Estonia’s addressable market and competitiveness further.

As the world’s most digitally advanced nation, Estonia is applying IT to transform all aspects of supply chain management, from enterprise planning to e-customs, automated goods handling to last-mile delivery. Combined with expertise in supply chain shared services, Estonia is increasingly a hub for integrated SCM.

Whether your requirement is regional or global, Estonia has the infrastructure, expertise and IT to deliver accurate, efficient and innovative supply chain solutions.

Digital logistics

Border queue management introduced in2011

Estonia is applying its world-class IT and engineering expertise to revolutionise supply chain efficiency and client experience from the first mile to last.

Estonia has a sizeable logistics industry thanks to a strategic location which makes it an effective supply chain hub for the Nordic and Baltic regions. The industry has applied IT extensively for 20 years, from early automation of goods and documents to modern day application of advanced robotics and data analytics.

Active collaboration with government has seen the joint development of numerous digital logistics enablers. Estonia’s e-border solution has been adopted by neighbouring countries and attracted OECD awards for improving trade and tourism. Country Single Window and e-Customs solutions provide streamlined permissions and reporting. Estonia sets the standard for cross-border data exchange in Europe today.

Estonia also benefits from digitally enabled infrastructure including smart ports, roads and cities. Real-time data from these connected networks, available on enterprise systems and mobile apps, ensure traffic flows smoothly and environmental impact is minimised.

By combining a pro-business environment ideal for R&D with world-class skills in IT and engineering, Estonia has produced numerous digital logistics innovations. Starship Technologies‘ autonomous delivery robots have received strategic investment from Daimler AG; Cleveron parcel delivery solutions are adopted globally by Walmart, ASDA and Inditex; Tpilet smart ticketing has been acquired by Norges Statsbaner.

As rapid advances in analytics, A.I. and robotics further transform supply chain management, Estonia’s proof of concept and industry crossovers place it at the cutting edge of digital logistics developments.

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Need more information?

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