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Marine industries

Estonia’s marine sector specialises in the design and build of small and medium-sized commercial and leisure vessels. Centuries long expertise, cutting-edge application of IT and a flexible approach make Estonia a competitive location for innovation and export-oriented production.

  • 100% growth in sector output in last decade
  • #6 in Europe for ease of doing business
  • 70% of output exported
  • #1 in CEE for competitiveness

Our advantages

70%of output exported
CraftsmanshipHigh-quality Nordic craftsmanship based on centuries-long maritime expertise.
ITUltra-high use of IT in the design, prototyping and production processes.
Flexible approachHighly flexible approach to customisation and commercial matters.
Digital infrastructureCompetitive business environment supporting innovation and accelerated launches.
Strategic locationStrategic location for EU, Nordic and Russian export markets.


100%growth in sector output in last decade

Estonia has a niche marine sector that provides design, prototyping, and production of small and medium-sized commercial and leisure vessels, electronics, and equipment.

With a centuries-long maritime tradition, Estonian workers have extensive expertise across a range of areas including materials science, hydrodynamics and manoeuvrability. Competence centers like TalTech‘s Estonian Maritime Academy ensure the workforce possesses professional higher education and practical application of modern methodologies.

As befits the world’s most digitally enabled nation, IT utilisation is ultra-high. Digital boats are created in the design phase, allowing clients to customise to exact specifications without sacrificing performance. Sensors and software ensure accurate prototyping and testing. Automated production is seamlessly integrated with handcrafted elements to create high-quality, safe vessels with ISO certification.

Estonia’s advantages include one of the most open and competitive economies in the world. Our compact size ensures decision-makers are highly accessible and flexible to requests on customisation and commercial terms. Costs remain competitive relative to neighbouring markets for an equivalent quality level and trustworthy business culture.

Today Estonian vessels of multiple sizes and materials are used in naval, rescue, energy, scientific, and icebreaking operations in Northern Europe and beyond. Cybernetica’s systems and equipment for marine communication, surveillance, and navigation are utilised worldwide. Smart Port, Maritime Single Window, and e-Government solutions ensure efficiency and safety in daily operations. Local researchers are working on making Estonia the world’s competence center in maritime cybersecurity.

Estonia is leveraging its advantages in flexibility and IT to become a center of excellence in marine R&D, environmental sustainability, and digitalisation.

Whether you seek innovation or high-quality production within a highly digital environment, Estonia offers a scalable, competitive Northern European hub for marine businesses.

Value propositions

Estonia combines a strategic location, competitive business environment, and maritime traditions, making it a location of choice for the maritime industry. Investment opportunities include:

  • recreational craft and workboat building with a focus on small/medium series products and custom builds
  • manufacturing of boats and sailing components and accessories
  • a forward-looking maritime nation that has a ship flag with favourable tax conditions to ship owners, crew management, and technical management service providers.
  • relocating or extending existing businesses
  • winter storage, maintenance, and refit services

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Marine industries

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Need more information?

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